Aadhar Will Incorporate Credentials Of 600 Million Mobile Banking Users: Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani, the Chairman of  UIDAI, appears to have ambitious plans for the nation-wide endeavor to have everybody’s identification affixed to a 16 Digit Unique number called Aadhar. He wants to take the present Mobile Banking population to 60 Crores (600 Million) in the foreseeable future.

With over a quarter of a billion citizens already enrolled in the swelling Aadhar Identification program, getting these numbers, shouldn’t be an unachievable goal, feels a confident Nilekani, “The potential of having 60 Crores mobile banking linked to Aadhaar is what we are targeting in future. This will have ripple effect on ecommerce and various other mobile transactions”.

Does the Aadhar team have an action-plan?

Speaking of big numbers is one thing, but the Chairman evidently has the ground-work laid up. After facing some flak & having the program halted for some-time due to numerous problems, the Aadhar team has emerged stronger, leaner & more efficient.

Multiple private enterprises have been roped in to assist in data-procurement & processing. Four Additional Data Centers, which have already been augmented through Cloud Computing backbone, have been set-up to ensure errors are kept to a minimum. All this should cause the process time needed from Registration to Aadhar card hand-over, to be brought down.

The Indian economy is witnessing a healthy shot-in-the-arm from e-commerce ventures. More than 1.6% of India’s commerce is being fueled by these Internet based ventures. Mobiles, as numerous studies have shown, are going to be the backbone of this very form of trade. Hence it is but obvious that the e-trade receives verified shoppers. Aadhar identification has already been envisaged to offer Mobile verification data. Additionally, Banks have been benefiting from it since the inception of the program. All this should eventually be deployed to get anything from salaries to SIM Cards. So considering everything, hitting the 60 Crores target does seem, not only attainable, but surmountable too. What do you think?

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