Facebook Opens Registrations For Its Annual Hacker Cup

Facebook recently announced the opening of registrations for its annual Hacker Cup competition. This annual coding competition is held for practitioners of algorithmic programming and is intended to check a participant’s speed and creativity

This coding cup is composed of several rounds out of which the first one starts online and the final one is held at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. Thus the 25 programmers that it selects for the final round will be flown to Facebook’s offices. The final prize for the Hacker Cup is a cool $10000 dollars, almost double of what they gave last year.

The first rounds for the cup will be held in the period between January 25th to February 15th. The final round is going to take place on March 22-23, according to reports. Last year’s Cup got them 8000 participants from 150 countries. You can read about it here.

The company is famous for being dedicated to the hacker way of doing things. Hacking in this context is to make things work by coding creatively and finding your way around tough problems in a counter-intuitive yet simple and elegant way. Hacking as a word has got a bad rep because the majority of the world associates it with criminal activities inspite of the origins of the word clearly point towards exploration and problem solving.

If you are algorithmic programming enthusiast then you might want to participate in this challenge.

Registration Link | Facebook Hacker Cup

Story Source | Economic Times

Image Source | Facebook Engineering

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