TimesJobs Introduces Social Endorsement And Profile Verification

As more recruiters look at online mediums to source talent it becomes obvious that they will run a thorough background check before hiring a candidate. It is not uncommon for candidates to mislead recruiters by putting in false information which cannot possibly be verified. So what can job seekers do to assure recruiters that their credentials are indeed genuine? TimesJobs thinks that profile endorsements seem to be the answer to that.

The job portal has announced the ‘profile endorsement’ feature on its website. This endorsement is done using social networks (Facebook+Linkedin). The number of such endorsements on your profile can contribute the weightage of your resume when it is seen by potential recruiters.  The company says some 86% of recruiters prefer endorsed profiles.

Avnish Anand, Product Head of TimesJobs.com spoke about the feature.

“Vetting a candidate thoroughly is costly and time consuming, but it is worthwhile for the long-term health of the organization. TimesJobs.com Profile Endorsements provides significant reliability and value to resumes.”

Traditional offline verification no longer applies since it is costly and burdensome for companies to go through. The rise of social mediums has solved this problem. In essence, TimesJobs has sought to crowd-source the whole process. This is not a new feature since LinkedIn has already launched endorsements on its service. Social verification is not foolproof but it gets a large amount of uncertainty out of the way.

What is your take on this? Can social verification solve the problem of resume fraud? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Note: You can view a demo of TimesJobs social endorsement and verification feature here.

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