India Meteorology Department Will Launch Live Weather Smartphone App For Prime Metros

The Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) seems to have made a new headway. Almost a year after the announcement, instead of merely offering weather updates to television/radio channels & other government agencies, the Department’s weather data will now be available in the form of a smartphone application.

The weather agency’s app will be called ‘Indian-weather’. Soon to be available for free on Google Play Store, the app offers current weather observations along with four-day forecasts from meteorological stations in the four metros;  Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. Though IMD’s website does feature live weather information, the same information will now be always present on the smartphones. Maybe the fact that the number of people with smartphones & mobile internet access now outnumber the people with desktops has been the reason for such a development.

Interestingly, it doesn’t end with just a weather app. There is a lot to forward to, confirmed IMD Director General, L.S. Rathore, “More value added services like weather bulletins, alerts, and agro-meteorological advisories would be added over the coming months based on feedback from users.”

There are, multiple weather information imparting apps out there. In fact we have covered similar endeavors in the past. But the focus has been towards cosmetics or aesthetics rather than functionality. These apps or even live (dynamic) widgets offer weather information that is not of much practical relevance.

IMD’s information, on the other hand, can be used as ‘Agricultural Advice’. Using sophisticated Doppler Radars, the State run agency is able to accurately judge weather patterns & offers advise that farmers routinely rely on. The question now is; do the farmers actually use smartphones to make use of such apps? In the past we have seen some farmers using Facebook to collaborate. Maybe they will readily access dependable weather information on cheaper smartphones now. What do you think?

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