Affle Partners With India Today Group; Will Use Ripple To Monetise Media Inventory

What the internet was to the 1990s, the mobile is going to be to the 2010s. The mobile – or more correctly, the smartphone medium is where all the brands, advertisers, social media companies are concentrating their efforts on to attract their target audience. According to statistics, India has 44 million smartphone users. Coming to trends, Indian kids (below the age of 11) are addicted to mobile internet; the increased consumption of mobile internet is changing the music industry; the mobile app consumption is at an all-time high.

All these factors and more are indicative of the fact that the mobile platform needs to be explored and exploited so as to tap into the consumer market and to be in the good books of the future decision makers. Keeping this in mind, Affle, a Singapore based company co-founded by Anuj Kumar, launched Ripple. This video ad platform was created and designed with the view of becoming a holistic ad network that can work without any hassles on all digital platforms like smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and PCs.

Now, Ripple has partnered with the India Today Group to monetise its rich media inventory. The platform will serve video ads on all of the company’s platforms including iPad/tablet versions. This will be Affle’s 3rd partnership; the earlier two being with ESPNCricinfo and Yahoo!

A mere five months after its launch, Affle’s Ripple has 5 billion+ ad requests being delivered to publisher applications and sites.  This number doesn’t entirely surprise given the powerhouse brands (Samsung, Google, Nokia, Microsoft, Suzuki, Adidas, Hyundai) that are associated with Affle/Ripple.

Image Courtesy |  adgully

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