Vserv Launches New Advertising Platform AudiencePro And Signs Up Airtel As Its Partner

Vserv.mobi, the Indian mobile ad network has launched their new platform called AudiencePro today. The company has partnered with Airtel to make this happen.  The uniqueness of this platform is that now Vserv will get some targeting data from Airtel’s database, which can then be used to target ads towards users in a more efficient way thus benefiting advertisers, publishers,  consumers and telcos. The company says that partnerships with other Indian and International telcos are in the pipeline.

The platform lets advertisers target people based on parameters like demographics, spending power, network usage, location, content relevance and device specific data. All these extra parameters resulting from their partnership with Airtel will let the service target people in the right manner in theory. The company says that the AudiencePro platform will also be used to display mobile ads on existing Vserv services like Appwrapper. Appwrapper is an offering which helps mobile apps to carry ads and is currently being used in 20,000+ mobile apps, according to information released by the company. AudiencePro will support the whole spectrum of the mobile ad types like full screen, HTML5, video etc.

Signing up Airtel as its partner is big deal for the company because Airtel has a huge global subscriber base which is roughly at 262 million in September, 2012 according to reports. Broad data gained by AudiencePro thus puts it at a strategic advantage in terms of competition. Vserv has said that it will allow consumers to opt-out of its program in a bid to keep the service away from possible privacy related issues. They have also said that the user data it gets from Airtel is not enough to hurt consumer privacy but can help them track broad parameters and behavior.

Speaking about the launch, Dippak Khurana, co-founder and CEO of Vserv said that,

“The AudiencePro is the World’s first platform that brings together the power of Mobile Ad Networks with credible user data from Telcos, to enable unprecedented levels of audience targeting for advertisers. After the revolutionary AppWrapper monetization platform, this is our second game changing technology, that will unlock tremendous value across the entire mobile ecosystem. Given our understanding & presence across emerging markets, we are already working towards rolling out the AudiencePro platform with partners across the globe.”

Vserv claims that this new platform will result in higher monetization for publishers and developers due to the reasons mentioned above. These developments shows the global ambitions of the company which has been backed by IDG ventures.

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