Telibrahma Reinvents Its Augmented Reality App IntARact

Mobile Advertising company TeliBrahma seems to have given its Augmented Reality App ‘intARact’ a new twist. The company has claimed that the redesigned app now works well even in videos.

Media publishing houses Rediff, HT Media & even Times Of India among others, already have their own Augmented Reality apps. However, what sets this offering from TeliBrahma apart is the fact that the application is not a content-backed one. In simpler words, the app doesn’t offer a virtual layer to any content out there. It appears the app works with specific content  & is aimed solely at publishers and advertisers to enhance interaction of audiences with their creations.

How does the app work?

In our previous post about the intARact platform, we had explored how companies like Ponds were using it to beam back a younger face of the person using the app to interact with the Advertisement. Similarly, this new modification will allow the viewer to use that app with moving images or as they are simply called, videos. Primarily meant for the television audience, the new version called ‘PointARt’ will allow viewers to ‘Point’ the app when a relevant content is televised. Based on the content, people will be able to interact with the content on a much deeper scale. Once the app successfully scans an image of the posters or brands one chooses from the sample list, users can get related content almost immediately.

The company already has incorporated data fetching backbones like WiFi or some cases, Bluetooth technology too. We have covered both the possibilities in the past. If one points the app at a product in a video, movie, commercial, or TV show, the Point technology recognizes what’s in the image and gives a visual overlay. This super-imposed interactive layer within the app further describes the product or helps you figure out how to buy it.

Advertising via the television lacks such crucial interactive features which are readily available on the World Wide Web. If the company can successfully popularize the concept with the Advertisers as well as the audience only then could it enjoy higher user-engagement. However, for that to happen, the company will have to seek innovate content & techniques to entice users to interact with an advertisement in the first place. What do you think?

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