Matru & Bijlee Join WeChat; Movie Promotions Spread To Messaging Services

I don’t need to tell you how huge movie promotions have gotten. In most cases, I feel more money was spent on the marketing and promotions of the film than time was spent on its script. While I don’t intend to start bad-mouthing Bollywood movies, I do intend to delve in to the promotion strategies so employed.

I believe the biggest new media blitzkrieg was first seen in 2007. That was the year Om Shanti Om and Sawaariya were pitted against each other and the promotions, advertisement tie-ups, digital campaigns of both these movies were enough to not make the audiences not see the movie (or to see it once and for all so that the media noise would stop) and to mint the producers ample money.

The tie-up structures and methods have changed since and it would be safe to say that they have only gotten more elaborate and extensive. Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola is the latest movie on the block to adopt ‘innovative’ ways to connect with the audience.

This movie has tied up with WeChat, a Chinese messaging app that made its India debut in August, 2012. As per this tie-up, the characters Matru (Imran Khan) and Bijlee (Anushka Sharma) are active on this platform sharing behind the scenes videos/photos with the followers.  The screenshots of this interaction are shared with you below.

The messaging platform, which launched QR identity codes earlier, is also going to run a contest with the winners getting a chance to meet the stars and win tickets to the movie screening.

Needless to say the ‘insights’ are basic and don’t offer anything that we wouldn’t be exposed to on any other platform. However, we must take cognizance of the fact that movie promotions have entered the domain of messaging apps. They have gotten more personal and are entering into unexplored territory. I guess this can mean only good news for producers and hardcore fans. The former gets more money thanks to tie-ups, the latter another platform to obsess over his/her favourite star. Works both ways, eh?

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