Facebook’s Pages Manager Android App Is Now Live On The Play Store

Social media managers rejoice! Facebook has made its Pages Manager android app available on the Play Store. Facebook announced that this app was available in the UK and the US. The app was already available in Australia, Canada and New Zealand before the US and UK launch, according to The Next Web. Nothing was mentioned about the app being available in India except for Facebook saying that they would make the app available to other countries soon. So I checked the Play Store and  I noticed that the app was available for download. It requires Android 2.2 and above and is 9.1 MB in size.

Here’s a look at the app.

The design and UI are similar to Facebook’s Android and iOS app except for the fact that the app exclusively deals with Facebook pages. Since many already have Facebook’s app on the phone, the Pages Manager app will detect your username and ask you before you log in. You can also log in separately.

When you go to the home screen you will see a familiar interface which is tailored to Facebook pages. The app will load all your Facebook pages which can be accessed by tapping the button on the upper left hand side.

You can access all the notifications and messages coming to your page by tapping on the appropriate buttons. The app shows notifications just like Facebook in addition to having support for push notifications.

You can access all aspects of your page such Insights, Photos, Albums, Events, Activity log, post options and so on.

I expect this will come as boon for Social media professionals as it will make it easier for them to manage their brands even if they are on the move. Facebook for Android seems to be a bit limited for serious usage. The Pages App for iOS was already launched in May last year.  I was wondering why it took so much time to come to Android. Now that it is here, it will make handling your Facebook Page easier. While exploring the app, I realized that it ran nicely and gave no issues. I am impressed by the effort that Facebook has put into its Android apps. Previous versions of Facebook on Android used to lag and this has thankfully ended now. The reason behind Facebook’s focus on Android apps is due to the larger number of Facebook users who are present on Android compared to iOS.

Give the app a spin and let me know what you think.

Download Link | Facebook Pages Manager For Android

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