Apple Looking At Releasing A Cheaper iPhone This Year

Apple is reportedly looking at releasing a cheaper iPhone this year. The news has not been confirmed by Apple but there have been persistent rumors in American publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

Unnamed sources who have been contacted by these publications are saying that the cheaper iPhone will be released in the second half of this year and will have less expensive parts like a polycarbonate plastic casing shell for example. The screen size will be more or less the same size as the previous iPhones. However, the report has noted that Apple could decide not to move ahead with it.

We don’t know what to make of this news as Apple has never compromised on its pricing and quality before and that has led them to being one of the greatest technology and consumer electronics company in the world. But the report does make sense when you see the massive rise in its competitors like Android. Android has become the dominant mobile OS since last year and Apple probably sees red in that fact. A small example would be that of Facebook focusing more on its Android offerings since they see a huge user base on that platform compared to iOS. One of the reasons for Android’s virulent growth is the open ecosystem it espouses which lets it power all kinds phones in all kinds of market segments and pricing ranges. Apple has a closed ecosystem which is limited to its products only. Could it be that Apple is having problems with this? A cheaper iPhone would definitely drive up their sales and adoption in India where the iPhone is synonymous with cool and if priced properly could see greater sales than at present.

How would this new device affect the Apple brand? We are not entirely sure but I think it might lower Apple’s elite position among smartphone manufacturers. On a final note I think it is a good step for Apple if it wants to increase the adoption of its mobile OS and ecosystem.

What are your thoughts on this possibility? What would be the best price for this device? Share your views with us in the comments.

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Story Source | Digitimes

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