Jelly Bean Is Now On 10% Of All Android Devices

Android may be the dominant smartphone OS out there but there is one huge problem it has to battle – its fragmentation. The platform’s open ecosystem may be a good thing for consumers but it fragmentation is taking a fair bit of toll on the ecosystem. So many manufacturers, so many new smartphone models which fit into different pricing segments, so many carriers, so many OS versions! It is a nightmare for consumers and developers. Google has made changes to its SDK and rolled out a Platform Development Kit (PDK) in order to  solve this niggling problem but the problems remain.

However, there seems to be some hope that the fragmentation will soon be minimized. Current stats from Google’s developer page show that Jelly Bean and ICS versions of Android are steadily gaining usage compared to the dominant Gingerbread.

As you can see from the image, both version of Jelly Bean are now running on 10% of the Android devices out there. Why is this a big thing? Because Jelly Bean has not yet been adopted or rolled out by many hardware manufacturers and runs exclusively on Google’s Nexus range of devices. All other hardware manufacturers are supposed to rollout the Jelly Bean update this year.

Ice Cream Sandwich now runs on roughly 29 percent of Android devices. There are many devices out there which still use Gingerbread and are waiting for an upgrade to ICS. There will be many people who will never get to see ICS as they may directly buy a new phone with Jelly Bean in the coming months. Google needs to speed up this process because this damaging to the ecosystem. It creates a lot of issues because of the significant changes that the platform has undergone in its last 2 iterations. This has given hell to app developers worldwide.

Jelly Bean has finally shown that it which can give serious competition to Apple’s iOS because it has vastly improved the UI and functionality of Android devices. I hope that the new crop of phones that will debut this summer with Jelly Bean will finally put Gingerbread, Froyo and Eclair to rest.

Story Source | PC World

Image Source | CNETGoogle

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