Galaxy S4 To Be launched Soon? Speculations Are Rife.

How far can we push our limits in innovation till we reach a point of inflection? They say possibilities are limited by imagination and that philosophy is being put to test by the innovators in the smartphone industry. This industry has seen a rise unprecedented, and has gone from being a regular ‘high-end’ luxury to everyday necessity. Apple came out with iPhone 5 earlier is 2012 which surpassed its previous edition, iPhone 4s. Samsung released Galaxy SIII which knocked Apple out to claim the first position in the US as smartphone device manufacturer and seller. Samsung is supposedly planning to launch the next edition of its flagship device, the Galaxy S4, according to recent developments. Nothing has been officially said or announced but statements from Samsung officials indicate to the same.

The launch of yet another Android device will serve many purposes. Not only will it boost Samsung’s sales, it will also agan strengthen its hold on the market altogether. We all know about the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. Apple claiming 1 billion dollars was a near decisive defeat for Android. Market experts speculated a decline in the pervasiveness of the OS and the number of devices. The launch of SIII promises continued innovation and belief of the organization in the open source operating software which in turn will enforce the belief and confidence of developers – both app and otherwise.

Samsung also launched the Galaxy camera which features wifi connectivity and 3G connection. The camera runs on Android’s Jelly Bean and has given a spur to the prophets advocating the indispensability of connected devices.  The camera makes editing and photography a pleasure. This demonstrates how much trust the company invests in the Operating Software. There were rumors of Samsung shifting to the Windows platform now that Apple is going all guns blazing on Android but this has breathed life into the process.

Samsung is by no means looking to cut corners when it comes to competition. For all we know, in the next 5 years, Samsung might be the giant that Apple looks up to. Apple’s shares have been dropping and since the release of iPad mini, they have spiraled. The market will be blown wide open in May 2013, which is the speculated release date of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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