Announcing Vijay Iyer Of AdNear As A Panelist At WATSummit 2013

Vijay Iyer is the Sr. VP – Asia Pacific at AdNear, APAC’s leading location based advertising platform. While he focuses mainly on mobile in his current role, he has nearly spent a decade in Digital Media and played evangelist for Internet & mobile to advertisers, agencies and publishers. In his previous role, Vijay was GM & Business Head for Komli Play, Komli’s video division. He also played a key role in building Komli’s Social Media business with Facebook and ran their publisher network. 

Before Komli, Vijay led product monetization for Yahoo! India’s key properties including Cricket, Answers, Messenger & the Frontpage. Apart from online, he has also had stints in contesting & promotions, advertising and FMCG. 
These are the 5 trends to watch out in Digital Space in 2013 according to  Vijay Iyer.
  1. Hyperlocal Advertising on mobile: First on my list and will sound obvious since AdNear is the leader in APAC, but going by just how strong the mobile agenda is getting for advertisers, hyperlocal is definitely best poised to attract the mainstream brands to spend consistently and meaningfully on mobile
  2. Data:  Generic term, but the interest in buying, selling and building data has picked up a lot of steam and 2013 will see tremendous action on this front from both platforms that are already springing up and also publishers and advertisers who’d like to build and leverage data
  3. Reinvention of the Social Media dollar:  Social Media has been a buzz and acquisition game so far with likes, comments and shares. With not many real examples of brands leveraging consumers on their page and more importantly social media consumption strongly trending towards mobile and mobility, social media strategists have a whole new canvas to create for 2013.
  4. Video: Video as a powerful ad delivery mechanism across web and mobile – In 2012, Video was already eating into the TV budgets of niche channels. Combine this with scalable options of video adverting on mobile that are already available and you have what could become the single biggest media offering in the digital space across web display, mobile and social.
  5. Advertiser funded web content: May not be an industry wide phenomenon, but leadership across video and social could well be determined by a brand’s willingness to create content that is relevant to the medium. 2012 has already seen some big ticket initiatives and 2013 should see this scaling further.
Vijay will be speaking at panel #4 – Mobile Marketing – Promises of reach V/S Actual Impact.
Registration Link: WATSummit2013 |  Venue: The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai | Date: 15th February, 2013
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