Facebook Messenger For iOS and Android Gets Voice Messaging

Facebook’s Messenger apps on mobile have made it really easy for everyone to text their friends and family for free. The reason why it is so popular is because Facebook’s message feature is integrated with the chat feature on the mobile. When it launched Messenger, I was a little stumped as to why Facebook chose to launch a separate app for messages when the main Facebook mobile app did the same thing. Now it is very clear where Facebook is going with it.

Facebook’s Messenger app now has voice messaging capability on both the iPhone and Android. I just updated my app and realized that I could now leave voice messages and chats using the app. Voice messages can be recorded for a minute. Facebook is getting into the VOIP market too, it seems. The company is running tests on VOIP calling on Messenger for Canadian users.

Here are some screenshots.

Well, it is not always possible to type out everything and in most cases a simple voice message can help a lot. Also, the voice message is much more personal than chat and will bring much more richer communication between users.

Remember how there were speculations of a Facebook phone last year? Facebook didn’t actually release its own smartphone but it did release phones which have a dedicated Facebook button. Android and iOS are the two biggest mobile platforms in the world now and they give the social network much traffic and usage. By releasing individual Facebook features as standalone apps, the social network can make every phone a Facebook phone. Consider this, the Facebook mobile ecosystem  now has an app store, a messenger (with voice and VOIP) and a new app called  Poke. If they add e-mail then the mobile platform, whatever it might be automatically becomes a Facebook phone.

What do you think?

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