STAR India Rolls Out Sports Centric Website Called

STAR India’s endeavor to become the de facto when it comes to Cricket in India seems well on its way to fructification. The group with a Rs. 100 Crores investment has come up with a Sports centric website., though free for now, will eventually start charging subscribers to access sports related content. So far cricket seems to be the only sport being beamed.

What’s so special about the website? The company claims to have launched a never-before-seen or experienced product that allows viewers to skip back & forth & enjoy key moments even amidst a live game exclaimed Sanjay Gupta, COO Star India, “We call this a video player as an alternative to television. Younger generation today spend increasingly more time on the internet and so we decided to significantly improve the quality of sports online and give them better experience than television”. With High Definition (HD) live broadcast, viewers should be able to enjoy near true-life imagery.

How does the website score over present offerings like Youtube?

The video-player found on the site is a hybrid controller that can be individually manipulated even while a live match is underway. The ability to catch up on the game through both a ‘Video Scorecard’ and a ‘Video Timeline’ that marks the key moments of the game is what puts it a step ahead of all other similar streaming services. The Video Timeline is an interesting addition to the game watching experience as it allows dynamic lateral movement on the time frame of the game. It marks key movements of the game & puts a time-stamp. This allows subscribers to go back, revisit the moment and jump back into the action in real time.

1.Video Scorecard

2. Video Timeline

It is interesting to observe these new features as compare to  nexGTV, Zenga TV who also offer live streaming of matches. However, as technology evolves, we should see similar capabilities in these streaming services as well.

With improved ball-by-ball commentary, cricket fans can access live matches on any portable device capable of accessing high speed mobile broadband. Do give it a try & let us know your experience?

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