The Internet Completes 30 Years Of Existence

What you and me know as the Internet has come a long way in these 30 years. Yesterday, 30 years ago the TCP/IP protocol was implemented as a standard. This stack powers all the data transfer and access across the Internet. Some of the key people who worked on this protocol were Vint Cerf, Robert Kahn and John Postel. Sir Tim Berners Lee added the final piece called HTTP in 1990. After this, the Internet exploded and has gone to places that even these early pioneers did not expect.

A visualization of the Internet

The Internet has become such an important aspect of daily human life that arguments have been made about including it as a ‘utility’. The web drives the most common aspects of human life. E-mail, Google, Social Media, E-commerce, Online Communication, Collaborative work across the globe and much more is now possible with the Internet. Smartphones have much more computing tech than 1970’s Apollo rockets and they are an important indicator as to how the Internet will progress in the future.

How is the Internet going to evolve in the future? Here are 3 trends that I could think of.

1. The Internet of Things:

Currently humans use the Internet on a large scale as they navigate across life. Imagine all your gadgets and devices doing the same without your assistance. This is the Internet of things. Devices will be pre-programmed to access the Internet for getting information which will help their purpose of serving humans better. This is possible already but expect a lot of advancements on this front. If you want more information on this then you can read about it here.

2. Cloud Computing/Death Of Hard Drives

With the increase in cloud computing development and the rising usage of streaming services coupled with increasing broadband and mobile Internet speed on an average, I see a future where you will not have to worry about your hard drive space because storage as a concept will become very redundant. It has already begun! Many people just use Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora to listen to music. Netflix in the US  and Bigflix in India are examples of how movies could be streamed given all of us here in India get some decent average speeds soon. With this rising trend, we will see devices that will just need to be connected to the web to do everything.

3.  Wearable Computing/Augmented Reality:

The Internet will power wearable computing which will result in you looking at the world in a whole new way. You will no longer have to look at your phone or your computer for information. All you will have to do is to either give voice commands or think about something. This is really revolutionary technology  and will not happen overnight but Google has shown us that they are really serious about it with their Google Glasses project. This trend has the potential to change everything that we do and how we do it. Imagine, attending a conference virtually and seeing everyone who is attending physically and interacting with them! There are a lot of possibilities like immersive gaming, sixth sense tech, more realistic communication methods and many more. Check this link out for more information.

Image Source | The Opte Project

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