The New Blackberry Messenger Will Have Video Chat And Screen Sharing Features

RIM is getting ready for the official launch of the Blackberry OS 10 on January 30th next year. This is a do or die effort for the company to stay relevant in the advanced world of smartphones. Blackberry which had zero competition in its segment for a long time was finally brought down due to the rise of iOS, Android and now Windows Phone. Blackberry OS 10 should have a very good value proposition for it start capturing the market again.

Although there have been multiple indicators and opinions by insiders that the new OS is much much better and might actually stand a chance to get back into the race, there has been very little information that has been given to the public. Today, Crackberry got itself some screenshots from a presentation which shows that the new BBM will have video chat and screen sharing features built in. That the BBM was getting voice call over WiFi was known but video sharing and screenshots was news. Here are some of the leaked images.

These images show that the new BB 10 device will have a front facing camera and some advanced sharing functionality right in the messenger.

This is good news for the brand which has been facing reports of irrelevancy and datedness in the cut throat smartphone world. We are actually pretty excited as the date towards BB 10’s launch comes closer. Follow our blog for more updates about BB 10 in the coming month.

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