Indian Government Plans To Publish Information Database Of Rape Convicts On Its Website

After the horrifying incident in Delhi, the Indian Government and its non-existent efforts about women’s safety have been called out in public. There was national outrage over the issue, fueled further by social media. Zee News is reporting that the Indian Government has announced that it will prepare a database of rape convicts in the country and publish it to one its websites, so that people stay informed.

RPN Singh, Minister for State for Home has asked the National Crime Records Bureau to make this happen as soon as possible. The database will have all records like Name, Photo, Addresses  and so on. The Government is looking at starting off the initial phase of this project in Delhi and from then on cover other areas in India. The website will be ready in a few months.

Technology and the Internet can be excellent tools to spread information about offenders. All the information on such a website is clearly public data and I believe many such databases are needed to cut down all the illegal and heinous activities happening in the country. I think databases of corrupt people, sex offenders, criminals and many other such things could be put up online in the public domain.

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