Saregama India Launches Its Own Internet Radio

Indian music label, Saregama India has launched launched an Internet radio offering on its website. The service is free to listen and has music channels being streamed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Hindustani, Carnatic, Marathi, Punjabi and Instrumental categories.

This Internet radio offering does provide some good content from the stables of the iconic music label. The radio player sits at the top of the website and can be opened in full using the drop down. Songs are shown in the playlist in the drop down along with options to download, embed and save the song to removable media. This is a nice set of options which can make music discovery and accessibility much easier. Social icons are integrated into the player so that listeners can share their favorite songs.

We had reported how Saregama Music had purchased a 10% equity stake in Timbre Media, the company behind the now defunct Worldspace Radio service. The radio service launched by Saregama doesn’t seem like the whole offering and may be a test bed for a full fledged radio service that Timbre Media may launch in the future.

The Indian ecosystem has seen other Internet Radio efforts  like Radiowallah and Planet RadioCity. This offering will aim to compete with them in the segment. Online Radio is an old concept on the Internet and has developed to maturity all around the world, especially in countries where the Internet speeds are decent. Indian services are a bit behind the curve compared to services like Pandora,, and others. It would be good to see some solid products coming up in that segment. The charm of radio, especially someone creating and curating a good mix of songs will never cease to entrance listeners and thus we hope we can see some good services launch in the coming year.

Website | Saregama Radio

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