Delhi Police Proactively Employs Social Media To Communicate With Citizens

With the recent traumatizing events that witnessed a huge outcry in the entire nation, the Delhi Police has learnt the bitter truth & seems to be on an overdrive of establishing communication via the Social Media route.

Mere days ago the Social Media scene was abuzz about the inhuman treatment meted out to a young female on Delhi’s unsafe roads. Subsequently, these very sites were instrumental in organizing silent protests & marches to the India Gate demanding justice to the victim. However, as evident by multiple news stories, such protesters were ousted with force citing archaic rules regarding holding of protests at such prominent public places. The tweet from Delhi Police commissioner read, “We sincerely regret if any innocent protester was hurt or lathi-charged and apologize,”.

We wonder, was this reaction a result of the genuine remorse? The Social Media has always been a mass sounding board for such issues. Be it an alleged derogatory post on Facebook or a crime committed against the fairer gender, reactions to infringement of freedom have made the virtual headlines & ‘trended’ too.

But such a swift reaction to the ironic treatment meted to people who went to protest is surely a new phenomenon. However, the motive merely doesn’t end at the expressing regret, but also to highlight the loss of human life too. As if to prove that the protestors were anything but peaceful, the Commissioner also informed, “With deep regret we inform that constable Subhas Tomar succumbed to his injuries at 6.40am today”. While it is true constable Subhas Tomar lost his life at the India Gate incident, Delhi Police are claiming that Tomar was attacked before he was trampled.

Social Media has emerged to be a huge mouthpiece for people who otherwise were unarmed in their battle against forces larger than them. Seeking camaraderie & support from like-minded individuals, issues like these have escalated to a national level within a few hours, prompting swift actions from the relevant authorities.

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