The State Of Social Media In 2012 [Infographic]

Social Media has been growing at a rapid pace since the last 3-4 years. New trends have been discovered in addition to funnier memes and other serious stuff like Politics, Publishing, Olympics and Natural Disasters have added to the phenomenon. 2012 was a very eventful year when it came to new developments on the medium and the companies that pioneered and built it.

If you want the long list than you can click this link to go through all our social media related articles. If you want a short and snappy look, then the guys over at The SEO Company have just the thing for you. They have designed an infographic about Social Media and its state in 2012, in partnership with NowSourcing.

Check it out below:

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company

That was neat, don’t you think? Social Media is a dynamic thing and will evolve further to give rise to new paradigms, new trends, more viral videos and so on and so forth. The fact that it has a permanent impact on our Internet dependent existence is no longer doubted. So what are the projected trends in social media in 2013? Stay tuned to our blog to know more.

Source | Mashable

Top Image Source | Edudemic

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