Companies To Face Heightened Risk As Non-Windows Targeted Attacks Are On The Rise: McAfee

Companies have long expressed concern about employees using personal devices at work. As work & leisure converge on singular devices, the risk of data theft or leakage is on the rise. A recent report by McAfee clearly indicates that hackers are on the rise exploiting multi-device work culture. Additionally, it opens up multiple options for hackers to try & break into the security of any organization.

The security company highlighted some of the major causes of worry:

The Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is a security nightmare: Companies frown but seldom out rightly ban personal devices at work. Though this seems to an inevitable scenario, employees not only bring their own devices to workplace but also download third-party apps to access company’s mainframe. This can cause security measure set to be simply bypassed & open to compromise.

Non-Windows devices are vulnerable: The unprecedented growth of non-windows portable devices, like Android have been quite vulnerable in the past. Experts have long exposed security loopholes that virtually open the floodgates for data theft. In fact, apps on these devices have also been leaking data on their own.

It’s the Big Companies’ turn to be scared: In the past we have covered how Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been more at risk from criminal minds. Owing to poor defenses & poor infrastructure, SMEs have been victimized for long. However, owing to sheer number of employees in large corporations, these big companies are unable to strictly enforce security protocols & policies.

‘Ransomware’ is on the rise: McAfee’s report highlights a nascent but growing phenomenon of holding companies ultra-sensitive data at stake & demand ransom to release password to retain or gain back access.  Additionally, hackers are also appending security allowable certificates to their malware to gain unprecedented entry within companies’ data mines.

Data Security is a very visible threat not only to the companies, but to the open economy at large. Despite Government’s & private organizations’ attempts hackers continue to try & beat the locks put into the place. What do you think could be the comprehensive solution to protect data & yet allow employees to enjoy their non-windows personal devices?

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