Google Updates The G+ Apps In Hopes Of Stirring Up The Social Networking Scene

Google is probably the biggest company that has its underlying operations related to the internet. From the original search engine to Chromebooks, Google has spread out to almost every technology vertical barring manufacture of smartphones. There too, however, Google scores with Android. Google has a plethora of apps of its own and an app store called Google Play, which users download from. Google revamped its own Google Plus app with certain features in order to stay in the game. Google has started concentrating on its operating software maintenance and operations (read upgrades and features concerning apps) since the Apple Samsung patent lawsuit.

Google+ started as a sensation which soon fizzled out in terms of user anticipation and excitement. If you ask me, the whole invitation business took it down when people were restricted entry to join, along with other major factors like, popularity of Facebook. Google+  has its own app that carries all the features which were on the desktop version of the social networking website. The revamping that Google did for the app concerns the hangout feature (the video calling option), the photo upload feature and events options.

Introducing solidarity to its events section, organizers can now email individual users and see who viewed the message. The hangout feature saw some upgrades which increases usability in areas that has low bandwidth. Photo uploading features are kept specific to Android version of the app. Changes are really introduced to keep the users interested because even though Google plus boasts of a huge user base, there are not as many people active on the social networking website.

Google recently made their apps paid. It started charging on a subscription basis for the users that use play and other apps. Google, despite innovation, is lagging behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of active number of users. With a total of 24 new features, Google hopes a positive response to its revamped app.  Google’s maps and Youtube were removed from the default set of apps that iOS used to carry but Maps have returned to the iOS platform. The attempt by Apple to deviate completely from Google dependence didn’t work out well but it was commendable on Apple’s part to acknowledge that.

Image Courtesy | Play Store &  shortstack

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