Burrp App Comes To Android, Clocks 2.5 Lakh Downloads So Far

Network18 Group owned lifestyle recommendation & listing portal Burrp.com has launched its own Android App. After making its debut on the Apple’s iOS & RIM’s BlackBerry a while ago, the company has finally realized the need to have a compatible version for the growing Android based smartphone community.

For quite some time now, companies have been  releasing iOS & Android Apps first, but Burrp’s game-plan appears to be slightly different. John Kohlhoff, Head Marketing Burrp has a quick explanation for it, “Blackberry was the flavor of 2009 -10, IOS was in 2010 and Android was the biggest upheaval in the mobile industry from the latter half of 2011”. This justification matches well with the age of the website. Burrp is apparently one of the oldest website in this segment. Operational since late 2008, the company had changed owners when it was acquired for Rs. 4.25 Crores by Infomedia18.

Anyways, we gave the app a quick look & we can confidently say, it is on the right track & ripe for adoption by smartphone users.

A simplistic layout with tabbed interface, the app is defined by its colorful visuals & content sourced from the actual service providers. The omnipresent search tab at the top is a simple adaption from Google’s search bar found in almost all Android Phones.

Jotting in a query into the same throws multiple results with endless scrolling & the company has adapted a simple rating based how pricey the experience may turn out to be. While some eateries were marked with two, rupee symbols indicating a value for money, other had three or even four indicating a more costlier option to spend the evening.

One of the most appealing feature is the location awareness. The app was able to lock onto our location & recommend places of interest in the vicinity. However, the company should work on adding more  service providers & build on their database.

What to look forward to: The app has ample options to voice your opinions or concerns about any place that one chooses to visit. Clicking on any listing offered the option to read the reviews written by regulars. First time visitors will really appreciate the knowledge & get ample idea about what to order & what to avoid. Overall, the application makers have paid attention to easy search & access, coupled with minimal learning that should appeal to the novice as well as experienced users.

So far the app has collectively clocked 2.5 lakh downloads across all Mobile platforms. Do give it a try & let us know your experience.

Rating: 3.5*

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