Alok Kejriwal Says, ‘Games2Win Mobile Apps Have Clocked More Than 25 Million Unique Downloads’

Games2Win has announced whizzing past another milestone. Its mobile apps on Android & iOS have collectively clocked more than 25 Million unique downloads so far. Of the 25.3 Million downloads, 17.3 Million were clocked on iTunes, while the rest (7.99 Million) were recorded on Google’s Play Store for Android apps.

CEO, Developer & founder Alok Kejriwal’s & his teams has been churning out games that have managed to win the attention of their target audiences. Surprisingly, the 25 Million downloads achievement was made possible by only 44 apps/games in total & surprisingly the company has not invested a single dime in promotional activities exclaimed Kejriwal, “We have achieved 25+ million downloads from our 44 apps that have been deployed on the iTunes and Android platforms. What is unique to our achievement is that the 25+ million-download mark has been achieved without spending a single dollar on marketing or consumer acquisition. All our downloads are generic and organically acquired

Though the company claims to own a total of 700+ proprietary games and apps, user engagement is highest for the games & the titles are played by more than 20 Million unique consumers in a month. In fact, games like ‘Parking Frenzy have managed to capture audience’s attention & it alone was responsible for more than 50% of the total downloads! Its nearest brethren, ‘SuperMom‘ managed just 4.4 Million.

What’s the company’s niche?

Games2Win winning formula simply lies in trans-morphing its own titles. In simpler terms, the company takes its popular online games & modifies to make them playable on smartphones & tablets. These mobile adapted variants of desktop based games have surprisingly being supported by the same players. This expression of faith has prompted the founder to assure that next year, they intend to double the amount of downloads with newer titles, “We have a very robust pipeline of games planned for 2013. We hope to cross the 50 million download mark this year by implementing a proven formulae of trans-morphing our best online games into hit mobile games” he adds.

Have you played any games from the company’s catalogue? Do share your experience.

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