Twitter in 2012; A Year In Review

As 2012 comes to an end, Twitter has released its yearly look at what happened on the popular microblogging network. This is the third edition of the year review. 2012 was big for Twitter, as it saw some big milestones. The review is hosted on Twitter’s subdomain and can be accessed by typing into your browser.

Twitter has divided the review into 6 categories – Golden Tweets, Pulse of the planet, Only on Twitter, Trends, New Voices and Your year on Twitter.

Golden Tweets:

This section shows the best tweets of the year. The top of the list is Barack Obama’s recent tweet about winning the election. This tweet which was accompanied by a picture of Obama embracing his wife Michelle has become the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter. It has been retweeted 810,000+ times and favorited 300,000+ times. The next best tweets come from Justin Bieber, Olympic Team of Great Britain and others.

Pulse of the planet:

This section deals with conversations surrounding some of the biggest events in 2012. The Summer Olympics were the biggest conversation maker followed by the US Elections, MTV Video Music Awards, Super Bowl, Euro 2012, Superstorm Sandy, SOPA/PIPA and Whitney Houston’s Death.

Only on Twitter:

This section is a collection of events that induced wonder and inspired awe in people, which were broadcast live on Twitter. An example would be the epic NASA/JPL tweet broadcast of the Curiosity landing on Mars. Other examples include a view of Superstorm Sandy from the International Space Station, London Olympics Pool Camera, the deepest tweet sent by David Cameron from the bottom of Mariana Trench, one of the deepest point in the seas. There are many more such instances in the section.


This section is the collection of hashtags and keywords that got some of the biggest conversations on Twitter going. This is neatly divided according to conversation categories like Movies, Politics, Sports, TV, Music, Food, Tech etc.

New Voices:

This section is about new celebrities and famous personalities finally embracing the social network. It has a list of people who joined this year divided again in the same categories that we have mentioned above in the trends section. Some popular personalities include PSY, the Pope, Patrick Stewart, Neil Young etc.

Your year on Twitter:

This is something new and cool. Twitter has tied up with Vizify to give you a visual representation and review of your year on Twitter. All you have to do is use the link from this section and enter in your Twitter data in Vizify. The service will throw up  a nice looking report.

You can check out my year on Twitter here.

Overall, this year’s review only shows one thing. Twitter is getting bigger and more important with respect to communication and broadcast than ever before. Although primarily a text based platform, Twitter is quickly plugging in multimedia functionalities via its Twitter Cards feature. This makes it much more than a microblogging platform. Twitter has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a service which sought to bring SMS functionality to the Internet.

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