You Can Now Get Your Aadhar Card Online

The Aadhar project has been the government’s most ambitious project. Surely, to give identity numbers to 1.2 billion people can be no easy feat! Headed by ex-Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which runs the Aadhar project, has launched many initiatives to get people to apply for Aadhar cards. Earlier, Aadhar launched a YouTube channel to spread awareness and even launched online registrations in 2011 so that people could skip queues and register without any hassles.

Given that there have been delays in delivering Aadhar cards, the management has decided to make them available online. You can now visit or, enter your details and download/print the card. The details (enrolment number and time+date (as printed)) required can be found on the receipt that you would have received post registrations.

This move by UIDAI is sure to reduce delays and lessen the dependence on mails/posts.  Earlier, UIDAI had made it possible to obtain Aadhar numbers via SMS in a bid to speed-up the delivery process.

It could be said that Aadhar is India’s version of the US social security system. Using the Aadhar identity, people will be able to buy SIM cards, open bank accounts, get LPG connections, etc. Given the magnanimity of this project, delays are expected. But it is good to see the management trying its best, exploring different avenues, to make sure the cards are delivered to as many and as soon as possible.

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