Youtube Gets Redesigned Again; Focuses On Channels And Subscriptions

Most people go to Youtube to get their daily dose of videos. Until now Youtube focused all its design efforts solely on having users watch videos and share them. Their last design change got in Google+ integration to the service. I have no idea how the integration is working for them as there are no new numbers for Google+ usage. If you want to use Youtube, it is a straightforward process in terms of watching and searching a video. The Channels and Subscriptions bit is not so simple. Youtube’s new update which they released today makes changes to the UI so that users can have a simplified way of keeping track of their channels.

This is how the homepage now looks with the new update.

You can get all the information about your previous videos, favorites, subscriptions and channels from the left hand side of the web page. You have the feed in between which put our recommendations and updates from your channels and friends. The right hand side shows you channels which you can subscribe to. This is calculated based on your viewing habits.

This is a strategic change for the service. Youtube could be called as one of the tools which has changed the broadcast industry and will disrupt traditional broadcasting even more  in the days to come. I say this because our home entertainment systems are becoming smart too and can hook up to the Internet. The newer range of Internet enabled TVs and systems will need a better designed Youtube so that users can watch and discover their videos easily. This is exactly what Google is preparing for with Google TVs.

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