Facebook’s Promoted Posts Sees Growth With 2.5 Million Posts Being Given The ‘Paid’ Shove

Facebook monetization drive recently manifested itself in the form or ‘Promoted Posts’. These too seem be on the gradual patch to growth.

Facebook released a new set of numbers for its local businesses pages which collectively fall under the category of ‘Facebook Pages’. Though the number of such pages has grown by only 200,000 within a month, the 13+ Million have earnestly begun experimenting with pushing up their posts via the paid option. In all, about 300,000 of the Facebook Pages have promoted more than 2.5 million posts.


What does promoting mean? Posts that companies churn out in hope of attracting viewer attention can get lost in the continuous flow of similar ‘updates’ from friends, colleagues & other businesses to whom the target audience has subscribed. Hence, to ensure visibility of one’s posts, Facebook recently allowed companies (& users too) to bring their stories to the top of the pile by paying a fee for the same. The amount varies with how many ‘eye-balls’ the company wishes to capture. Additionally, to ensure unbiased viewership & public outcry, Facebook even affixes ‘Sponsored’ stamp on such promoted stories.

Apparently, over 150 Million people visit Facebook Pages on a daily basis & about 50% do so from their mobile devices. Since its inception more than six months ago, over 3 Million Facebook Page owners have used Facebook’s mobile advertisement management app to pay & use promoted posts strategy. A simple observation will reveal that companies have shown willingness to opt for Promoted Posts in the hope of ensuring their activities are visible to people who have subscribed or liked their pages. However, as with any monetization technique, it’s the users or recipients of such tactics who might call this technique foul.

Facebook’s eagerness to show its investors that it is very serious about making money as a company, has been evident from the numerous policy decisions the company has taken over the last few months.  But, will such over-zealousness affect its faith among its users?

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