Announcing WATSummit 2013; A New Era Of Digital Marketing

We, here at WATMedia, are proud to announce the third edition of our signature annual event, WATSummit 2013 on 15th February in the coming year. This year’s theme is to focus on ‘A New Era Of Digital Marketing’. We believe that traditional Digital Marketing has run its course and is soon giving way to better and dynamic strategies and implementations in the ever improving Digital Marketing space. As usual, we will also be hosting WAT Awards 2013, an initiative by WATBlog to reward the innovators and doers in the Web, Advertising and Technology space in the country.

WATSummit 2013 will witness participation of prominent visionaries discussing topics that contribute to the growth of digital and advertising space. We have arranged various panel discussions that span the entire sector of the Indian Digital business be it Social Media, Digital Media Marketing, E-commerce, Mobility and Startup Marketing. We have also invited  Mr. Suresh Reddy, Chairman & CEO, Ybrant Digital & Mr. Neville Taraporewalla, Country Director, Advertising and Online, Microsoft Corporation to be our Keynote Speakers for the event.

Here’s a quick word regarding WATSummit 2013 from WATMedia’s Founder and CEO, Rajiv Dingra.

“I am pleased to announce WATSummit 2013. The response to the earlier summits has been encouraging, which brings us to its third edition. This year, at WATSummit 2013, we aim to emphasize on the new era of digital marketing. The medium has grown exceptionally over the past few years and brands and consumers across the world consider the digital medium a dominant tool. I am delighted with the participation of renowned speakers who will share their profound knowledge. With WATSummit 2013, our endeavor is to embark on a digitally successful journey.”

Here is a complete list of the panel discussions and panelists for the event.
If you are a Digital Marketing enthusiast who wishes to learn and gain insights from some of the top people in the industry, then then WATSummit 2013 is the perfect place for you to be.
Registration Link: WATSummit
Venue: The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai
Date: 15th February, 2013
For more information, please get in touch with
Mohar Sawant
Mobile: 9870237015
Tejashree Nigde
Mobile: 9867896315
See you there.

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