Tracking Lost Cellphones To Get Easier, Nabbing Thieves To Get Simpler

Kapil Sibal has the knack of doing and saying almost everything wrong, so when he (or his department) does one thing right it is a moment of pure joy.

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has given New-Jersey based Telcordia Technologies the permission to carry out a trial run of the central registry for mobile handsets from next month so as to check how effective the system is in detecting handset thefts. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), a 15-digit unique number which is assigned to each and every mobile handset, will help identify stolen phones and this in-turn will help nab thieves. The collected data will be made available to all national service providers and law enforcement agencies which will work in tandem to nab criminals.

The government has said that if the trial run is successful, they will start a bidding process and the highest bidder will be given the opportunity to run the service pan-India. (Hope unlike the 2G scam, this bidding process is not doomed).

Telcordia Technologies is not new to Indian telecom market. They have already tied-up with Deepak Talwar Consultants and Syniverse Technologies, India to run the clearing house and manage mobile number portability (MNP) services that allows users to change service providers without changing numbers.

Given that the mobile handset owners and service subscribers are only rising in India, the need to prevent the ever-increasing thefts is dire. A service like this is sure to not only reduce thefts but also reduce the use and spread of counterfeit phones; this in change will result in an increase in tax revenues and collection of custom duties.

As long as this operation does not run into any problems, there is hope in the future to find our lost phones.


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