Komli Finds Synergy With YOOSE To Innovate Location Aware Advertising In India & SE Asia

Komli Media’s mobile ad division Komli Mobile has entered into a strategic partnership with YOOSE ad-network. YOOSE’s hyper-local mobile ad network is supposed to augment Komli media reach within India & South East Asia initially.

 Komli media specializes in offering advertising in almost all of the digital space of websites, videos, social media & mobile segment too. YOOSE on the other hand strives to offer localized & relevant advertising to mobile users. In other words, it is supposed to have a command over location aware algorithms that serve advertisements about services, products & brands that are nearby the target audience.

Thanks to common availability of GPS chips within smartphones, offering advertisements about nearby avenues of shopping is easy. However, combining the same with the content the user is accessing & his or her preferences is a very uphill task. Very few companies can confidently match all the parameters to serve ads that are not only relevant to the user, but also enticing enough to evict a purchase response.

YOOSE’s ad network will supposedly help Komli Mobile reach across millions with its 1.4 Billion monthly ad impressions in India alone. Interestingly, the scope of YOOSE is primarily in the dynamic banners segment, which automatically gets refreshed as soon mobile consumers enter a geo-defined radius. Additionally even the next phase of post-interaction with the ad, like click to buy, call, locate, download, play video or go to landing page within a brand app or social media site is handled effortlessly & seamlessly.

Undoubtedly, geo-location awareness is the next stage of ad evolution. Consumers will soon not only expect but demand that advertisements match their location & preferences. It will be up to the efforts of such companies to offer advertisements that users not only like but act upon too. What do you think?

Image Courtesy | socialsamosa

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