Google Partners With Indian E-Commerce Companies To Bring Cyber Monday To India; Dubs It ‘Great Indian Shopping Festival’

In what can be called  crossover of consumerism activities from across the big pond, India is all set to get its own equivalent of Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday for the uninitiated is the big time e-commerce promotional activity which is followed in the US, UK, Canada, Germany etc. The event is held on the Monday after Black Friday, another promotional activity which comes on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday is the e-commerce analogue of the Black Friday phenomenon which could be compared to the Diwali sale here in India, but only much bigger. Cyber Monday is all set to be become the biggest day for e-commerce companies in all the countries that follow it. Interestingly, Cyber Monday only started off in 2005 when a study regarding online shopping activities in 2004 showed that online shopping was the highest on the Monday following Black Friday. was the first to call this day ‘Cyber Monday’ and all other followed suit. This was a bid by US e-commerce companies to advocate and popularize online shopping in the US market. To aid with this, these companies started giving some really good deals on Cyber Monday, thus making it popular with the masses.Comscore data for 2011 states that sales worth $1251 million are done on this day. That is a massive amount.

Now, coming back to the E-commerce segment in India, we notice that the trend for buying has caught on but is nowhere near volumes and figures being witnessed in countries like US, Canada and UK. Organising a Cyber Monday here in India would be a good step for e-commerce companies to increase their sales, get loyal customers and maybe even get those customers who don’t shop online frequently to come and experience ease and simplicity of e-commerce. Of course, the biggest draw for this activity would be heavy discounts.

Google along with various e-commerce companies in the country have come together to organise the Indian Cyber Monday which is being officially called The Great Indian Shopping Festival and is slated to be held on December 12th. Going through the participating companies list made it clear that the who’s who of Indian e-commerce are going to give you some awesome deals on that day. A few of the ones listed are Flipkart, Snapdeal, HomeShop18, Yebhi, FreeCultr, Quickr etc.

Shopping categories for that day include Accessories, Electronics, Apparel, Home and Kitchen goods, Baby products, Gifts, Real Estate, Healthcare, Jewellery, Local and Classifieds, Travel, Footwear and Jobs. That is a pretty inclusive set of categories which will ensure everyone will get what they desire. Some deals are already being shown on the website and you can browse and can get a feel of what awaits Indian shoppers on that day. You can also create wishlists and share them besides setting reminders for that day.

I think this is a pretty neat thing to do to get more people to shop online. Since hunting deals is a huge thing in India, I see many people rushing to get discounts and other goodies on December 12th.

Are you going to drop everything and get glued to the Internet on 12th December? Let us know in the comments.

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One Response to “Google Partners With Indian E-Commerce Companies To Bring Cyber Monday To India; Dubs It ‘Great Indian Shopping Festival’”

  1. December 6, 2012 at 1:38 pm #


    Going by the euphoria and the pace it seems this will be a big draw. Still number speaks a little bit different story altogether. Recent Deloitte study shows e-commerce shopping has one of the lowest propensities among Internet users in India. This does not bode well for this space.

    Masses are still using net for “information” seeking. SOBO (searching online and buying offline). Trailing Millennials – 14-22 years; usually show marked interest in such deals and discounts.

    Our analysis also shows that around top 20% to 50% of topline shoppers are from Generation X. It will be a while before Internet users in India starts using Internet from a “product information seeking tool” to “active shopping tool online”.

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