Music Streaming Service Dhingana Launches Windows 8 App

Dhingana, one of the popular Indian music streaming platforms , has come out with its Windows 8 apps for both the desktop and the tablet. Dhingana joins many other Indian startups in extending their services on the new Windows 8 platform. It is interesting to note that these apps are launching even before there is a considerable user base which can use it. Thus, this is likely a push by Microsoft to populate its upcoming ecosystem with functional and popular apps even before the real adoption begins.

Here are some screenshots of the app which is now available for Windows 8 and RT users.

The app gives full access to Dhingana’s library of 500,000 songs spanning 38 languages. The launch of this app makes Dhingana truly cross-platform as it already has a presence on the web, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian

All of Dhingana’s features are replicated in the app which include social music discovery powered by their proprietary algorithm  and social sharing features on Facebook and Twitter. The app also lets you use other apps while it plays music in the background. See the image below.

Dhingana claims to pull in around 15 million active users are currently engaged in monetizing their traffic. They had recently launched an ad platform for the service. They have also been trying to bring in English music into the service, their first attempt being a deal with US music label Pretty Lights Music.

The music streaming space is set to grow well in India. Saavn, recently launched Saavn English with an aim to cater to the Indian crowd which listens to English and International music. Dhingana has not announced anything but they might do the same thing if their Pretty Lights Music tie-up is any indication.

App Download | Dhingana For Windows 8

2 Responses to “Music Streaming Service Dhingana Launches Windows 8 App”

  1. ksavai
    November 29, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    I am using since one month. Did not launch now. Good app. Another one to try is raaga

    • Denzil
      November 29, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

      Well, Dhingana says that they launched it now :) Maybe your were using the beta version or something.

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