LinkedIn Introduces Custom API For B2B Marketing

LinkedIn has eased the way forward for businesses who intend to attract professionals and prospective clients in the Business-to-Business network. In a rather positive development, the company has introduced a custom API for management of ads and marketing campaigns on its site. Earlier, the service was open through the LinkedIn ads page, akin to the Google Adsense. The service was remotely similar to the ads campaign popular on Google’s Adsense, but now LinkedIn has put in the development of custom API that would allow the marketers to gain much more control over the way they plan, execute and analyze their advertisements and marketing on the professional network.

LinkedIn’s ad network enabled users to target customers and professionals by their job title and function, industry and company size, seniority and age, LinkedIn Groups, etc. But as per LinkedIn business strategist Jennifer Weedn, this move to incorporate a solution that allows businesses and users to build their own customized app/software to control and manage their marketing on LinkedIn was a result of compliance to the frequent requests by the users. The move is tactfully similar to that of Facebook, which has in past been a regular advocate of deploying open ended API for the construction of businesses and services around its own portal.

What interests me more is that Jen Weedn’s shrewdness was evident in her statements which were made in June earlier this year, about the opportunity B2B marketing holds for LinkedIn and businesses mutual growth! Here is an excerpt from the blogs of GNIP:

Jennifer says there are 5 steps to engagement on LinkedIn:

  1. Establish a presence on LinkedIn, on a community page. A brand’s company page is their record on LinkedIn.
  2. Attract followers organically or by paid sources
  3. Have a conversation with followers using targeting status updates.  Brands can send and target specific updates to certain types of followers who would most be interested in them.
  4. Drive amplification of engagement by followers sharing a brand’s updates and posts.
  5. Analyze follower base, and slice and dice the data to fit the brands’ needs.

The launch is being executed in a strategic collaborative effort wherein Adobe’s Adlens program (a standalone and one stop solution for managing digital marketing efforts across search, display, and social media), Bizo (a business marketing platform) and Unified ( a social marketing tool). This development should see a spike in the revenues generated by LinkedIn which already a leader, having surpassed TALEO and Monster in the field of professional networking and talent acquisition. What is more interesting is the fact that this might spring up some new ventures and (maybe) star-ups too, in the fold of the currently booming business of rendering digital and social marketing services to multiple business from a unified portal!

It remains to be seen how this development can impact the SMB/SME and corporate marketing in India!

Image Courtesy |  webbiquity

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