Digital To Account For 20% Of The Total WPP Revenue In India In The Next Decade: Sorrell

Digital is the way to go! No, we are not just saying this; this is what the industry trends suggest.

Here are certain facts: India has more wireless connections than the combined inhabitants of US, Eurozone and Japan, the country is witnessing an e-commerce boom, the VAS market is burgeoning, and the kids are getting mobile and tech savvy. All these factors, plus more are the reason behind the spurt of digital activity the country is experiencing and is going to experience.

Bearing this in mind, Martin Sorrell, Founder of the world’s biggest advertising firm WPP, has announced that digital is going to account for 20% of the total WPP revenues in India in the next decade. According to Sorrell, the ever-increasing mobile subscriber base of this country will help push digital ad sales. Also, the fact that big companies are investing in retail indicates that online promotions are set to get the big boost.

The Indian population, particularly youngsters, are quite facile with technology. As mobile phones become more widespread and as the cost comes down, I think you’ll see greater use,” said Sorrell.

I think WPP has made a wise decision and in the right direction. Digital is only beginning to get bigger and better and the fact that Sorrell has announced WPP’s intentions of getting a huge pie of this market is a good competitive tactic and a brilliant way to announce the arrival of the Big Daddy on the scene.

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