GSF Accelerator Selects 5 Startups For Fund Raising

Techcircle reports that the Rajesh Sawhney fronted GSF Accelerator has selected 5 finalists for funding. The accelerator had started in October with an inaugural batch of 15 startups. Rajesh Sawhney, previously President of Reliance Entertainment, had quit his job to focus on developing and grooming startups in India. GSF or Global SuperAngels Forum is the platform through which Sawhney wants to help fledgling startups in the country.

GSF already has 30 leading entrepreneurs backing it. Some names include Naveen Tiwari of InMobi, Avnish Bajaj, formerly of, Sharad Sanghi of Netmagic etc. The fund also has secured the backing of leading venture capital funds like 500 Startups, Blume Ventures, Seedcamp and Kae Capital. The accelerator thus presents an excellent gateway for aspiring Indian startups to get exposed to the larger Venture funding scene in addition to being nurtured and groomed by Sawhney’s team.

The 5 startups that have received funding are Zapr, Shared Cab, Hacker Earth, Pokkt and Little Eye Labs.

Zapr is a mobile app whose aim is to make TV ads more interactive. The app allows users to unlock content from their favorite brands while they are watching TV. Besides incentives, the app also allows for instant feedback on TV advertisements by brands. We couldn’t find more information about the app on the website except that they have have plans to support multiple mobile platforms like Windows, Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Shared Cab intends to solve the growing problem of traffic on city roads by giving commuters an option to ‘travel in AC cars at auto-rickshaw prices’. Well, at least that is what they say. Basically, a carpooling setup being organised by a third party. The startup does this by using routing technology which matches similar  travel routes with common travelers. This concept is a very good idea and solve a huge problem for professionals in the cities, if implemented properly. You can get more information on its website and maybe try it.

Hacker Earth is a talent hunting site which only caters to programmers and developers. Possible employers can post real engineering problems and community members who solve them can then be selected for projects, assignments etc. The company wants to leverage the software and Internet boom in the country and help startups and businesses to recruit talented people purely based on skill.

Pokkt is described as being a ‘transactional advertising platform’ which can reward customers with discounts on online and offline shopping if they share data  with advertisers. This seems to be a good way for advertising which is opt-in and actually rewards customers in exchange for data. We couldn’t find more information about this startup so we are assuming it is in stealth mode.

Little Eye Labs is a unique startup which is targeted only at mobile app developers. Their service lets you test your mobile app against parameters like network data consumption, power consumption and various other things. This is done via graphs and other kinds of visualizations in addition to other analytical things. The service is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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