Orange To Launch ‘Party Call’ For Facebook; Enables Voice Calls Over The Social Network

Orange, the French telecom giant, has been working on a new social calling app named Party Call. Yesterday, Orange officially announced its app. In all probability, by next summer, Party Call shall debut in France.

So what is the buzz around Party Call?

Well, Party call is going to turn some heads – it is the first social calling app, which enables you to call your friends on Facebook without even having their number. One doesn’t need to possess the number. Orange has clarified this tech solution is not a conventional VoIP app. The calls shall be patched via Orange’s phone network in conventional fashion. Another big deal about this development is that it allows users to make Group calls – or as we know in India, make Conference calls with your friends. Will Indians be able to use this service? Well, not until it completes the beta phase! France shall witness the debut in 2013 summer.

Orange is developing this by itself, using Facebook’s open API. But Facebook seems to be assisting it in some way. We researched upon what other options Facebook had in this area. We saw that Facebook’s Video chat client which was being powered in association with Skype, was very sweet – but did not allow group calling, so Party Call wins here. Again, we hit upon some rather unpopular apps like TringMe and Facebook Messenger by Crisp App (paid, costly and mostly VoIP via phones). One service did stand out though, ooVoo which is a standalone app which can be used without installation i.e. via browser too. It has a Facebook app, and it allows group video calls for up to 12 users at a time. Pretty high tech, eh! But hasn’t really gathered steam yet!

We are still unclear about the implications of Party Call on the world, but we  see what Facebook is doing (Microsoft beware, Skype has competition). We can’t wait to see what this would mean for Facebook. What do you think about this development? Share it with us.

Image Courtesy | slashgear

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