Online Shopping Still Has To Pick Up In India, Says Deloitte Survey

A survey by Deloitte titled ‘State of Media Democracy Survey – India 2012′ has reported that there is still a some time to go before E-commerce becomes truly popular among the Indian masses. We have to agree that the e-commerce sector has seen some very good growth in the last 2-3 years but there is a lot of scope for further growth.

The Deloitte report maintains that Television is still the most important medium in the country. Internet advertising and display ads may be getting e-commerce companies some good traffic, however a good amount of the target  audience have to still be convinced about online shopping. The report maintains that the companies are rushing with full power ahead to get an entry into the e-commerce market, yet it argues that not enough has been done to make consumers aware about online shopping and the benefits.

The report points out that only around 15% of the people it surveyed said that they shop online. This the fraction devoted to online shopping amongst other online activities.  Most Indians combine offline and online research before buying a product on the Internet. The survey also learned that a significant amount of people were going to ecommerce websites after viewing ads on Television, billboards, newspapers and other traditional mediums. Among these traditional mediums, television seems to be the biggest platform for advertising campaigns in the country.

This has already been identified by several e-commerce firms like Jabong, Flipkart and Zovi. Their advertising campaigns are directed at informing the people about the online shopping experience. This is becoming the latest route for most new and established e-commerce businesses to market themselves on TV.

There are e-commerce firms popping up every month and yet this report says that  people are still not buying enough online. There is might be a scope for the growth of e-commerce but we also have to see  for certain if the industry is actually succeeding in India. We may know better then.

The report also throws light on other aspects of the Indian Internet and mobile segment and the usage and preferences of devices.

Full Report | State of Media Democracy – India

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