IAMAI Announces A Hackathon At Appfest 2012 In Hyderabad

The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has announced that AppFest 2012 will be held from December 13-th, 2012 at HICC Hyderabad. The Appfest is supposed to a be common platform which will pull in all the contributors to an ‘Apps Economy’. The Association has also announced that they will be giving coders an opportunity to display their skills by hacking away at code for a full 24 hours.

The hackathon’s objective is to create an app which has been based on an idea by a fellow participants. To select good idea, a voting contest will be held. The apps will be developed based on the winning ideas. The jury for this hackathon comprised  Badri Sanjeevi from Mauj Mobile, Jasmeet Gandhi from Nokia and Jonathan Bill from Vodafone India. The winning apps stand to win around INR 50,000 of stuff.

Here is a flowchart which shows how you can go about participating in the hackathon at Appfest.

Besides that hackathon, the Appfest 2012 will have 2 other tracks caled Talkathon and Challengathon. All these tracks will help developers to freely share their ideas, learn and contribute to a overall better understanding of the age of apps an appeal compared to apps developed over the globe. That is changing slowly as more Indian online companies are creating apps for their products. However, there is a lot of scope for further improvement.

Registration Link: Appfest 2012

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