WebEngage Adds ‘Notifications’ Service; Looks Poised For Growth With 4k Odd User Base

It was just about a few months ago that WebEngage – the successful online feedback service, received a fresh leash of funding from GTI Capital Group. The amount of half million US Dollars – found it strengthening its base in Mumbai and adding a new location for its office space. WebEngage has gone ahead and added a new feature to its list of customer engagement tools, which would be aimed at providing real time customer engagement without invasive tweaking of the code in the website of the companies/users.

Being seen as a personal interaction opportunity, the service would enable the users to engage with customers in real time. The onus is to shift the initiative to engage the customer in personalized discounts and schemes that are appealing – without the invasive restructuring of the code at the front-end or back-end of the website of the companies. Specifically, such services are quite the common steps to provide the customer with unforeseen schemes, which thereby generate brand allegiance, and word of mouth publicity for the brand by the satisfied customers themselves.

WebEngage – is a subsidiary of Webklipper Technologies, based in Mumbai which has been providing Software as a Service solution in Customer engagement online since 2010. While WebEngage itself began in October 2011, it fast tracked its growth and offerings to customers with the addition of contextual surveys soon after its inception.

The new feature of ‘Notifications’ being added to the services of WebEngage however is seemingly biased in their scope of offerings. Fact remains that – this offering would suit and appeal, apart from being directly relevant, only to the companies/users/customers of WebEngage who run online stores and service delivery portals. Such low is the window of opportunity for other sectors, i.e. the other sectors which WebEngage services – that this may result in some sort of divested growth in its business. But that is only to be seen in the time to come.

For now, the money from its initials seed funds is still at hand for the company apparently – and since April 2012 when it had 1500 user approximately, it now claims to offer services to over 4000 user – and some of them, a meager percentage are paid loyal customers too. Growth is obvious for the company, which is now eying a possible geographical expansion with it next round of funding.

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  1. November 14, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Thanks for the feature Manohar.

    For visitors to this post, here’s a nice video of what WebEngage does – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5poyDyvHApw

    And some points for general understanding about us -
    1. Our appeal is not limited to one product. WebEngage is a suite of three products rolled into one – feedback, survey and notifications. These products are being used on blogs, content sites, e-commerce companies, travel aggregators and a wide variety of online applications. The use-cases are multi-faceted. Yes, offers/discounts are primary use-cases for Notification. However, we aim to do much more with it – http://blog.webengage.com/2012/06/14/announcement-webengage-notifications-adding-awesomeness-to-user-messaging/

    2. The “meager” percentage of paid customers is not as meager as it sounds :-). We have a healthy conversion rate by freemium standards.

    - Avlesh

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