India’s Publicitas Digital To Monetize China’s

Chinese Travel Aggregator portal will soon have its ad-inventory managed exclusively by India’s Publicitas Digital. The Indian arm of ad-management Company has managed to secure sole rights to sell the digital advertising space not only on a domestic, but also on an international level.

India, as a travel destination & as a software hub is growing rapidly. The interest, fueled by multitude of Online Travel Agents (OTA) & publications has gained prominence on a global scale. Hence companies all over, are showing keen interest in collaboration & active synergy. Interestingly, Chinese citizens too have started to admire the cultural & topographical wealth of India & the number of tourists from China has seen a healthy increase in numbers. Furthermore, travel aggregation, as a whole is witnessing a significant increase in traction as well as attention. Multiple companies are now involved in sourcing travel-related services from other websites or even local service providers for the benefit of the travelers.

Qunar is a China focused search engine offering aggregated search results about all travel-related activities. Be it Air ticketing, or local accommodation, the site works at providing comprehensive results to offer best & most economical rates. It also offers such results to travel destinations that are local & foreign. Since interest in India is increasingly steadily, the company needs an agency which has, “A strong local presence, history, resources and recognition by brands and media agencies within India” says Michelle Ong, Senior Sales Director,

Apparently, Publicitas Digital has been doing work in the orient for quite some time. So much so that the company now has dedicated offices & trained multilingual employees in Beijing and Shanghai. These offices are already taking up projects on a global scale. Additionally, it is not a mystery as to how intricate & tough it is to manage a website in the communist regime. Despite the multiple hurdles, Publicitas has been successfully delivering domestic & international projects that have managed to circumnavigate through the tough policies of the Chinese government.

It is not common to see a Chinese company showing interest in India, as a matter of fact, in the month of March Chinese company called Spreadtrum Communications Inc. invested  US$ 10 Million (@ Rs. 50 Crores) in Micromax India. Could this be a start to a new trend?

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