A-VIEW, An E-Learning Platform Is Launched By The President

The President recently launched the much-awaited and the much-delayed Akash II tablet. While the tablet did manage to charm ministers, it waits to be seen how it fairs among students and teachers. Soon after, the President launched A-VIEW, an e-learning platform.

Given the fact that Indians mainly search about education on Google and the way education is imparted is all set to undergo immense change, what with the proliferation of mobile apps, online universities and mobile internet, it is no surprise that e-learning platforms are fast growing and expanding. In the past, the e-learning platform LurnQ got funds to improve and expand its platform whereas education tablets – KloudPad, Magic Pencil, ClassPad – are being made available to students far and wide.

A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) is an e-learning platform that aims to allow students to attend lectures of excellent professors who teach a myriad of subjects across universities in the country. At the core of A-VIEW is the belief that students must have access to excellent teachers and learning, geographic and economic constraints not withstanding. This platform is a collaborative effort between Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay and Amrita University supported by the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Human Resource Development Ministry.

Students and teachers alike can register on A-VIEW and benefit from the platform. The UI allows teachers to write lecture notes on a whiteboard, students can click on the ‘raised hand’ icon to ask questions during the lecture and there is a feature which allows the lecture to be recorded for reference later. Post the live lecture, teachers can upload notes in the notes section and students can use the platform to discuss doubts and exchange notes.

I tried registering on A-VIEW, but the registration process did not throw up universities I could choose from. So, I believe the process is still being set-up. I think this platform has potential given the fact that learning from experienced, good teachers is the core feature that it aims to provide. What do you think?

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