BlackBerry Gets In the Festive Mood. Doles Out Premium Apps As Gifts

Research In Motion (RIM) the manufacturer of BlackBerry Smartphones has decided to offer a whole basket of premium apps for its loyal users this Diwali. The Indian festival of lights will see applications collectively priced Rs. 2000 (US$ 35) being offered free to download & use.

Some of the applications seem to be selected specifically keeping in mind the spurt in digital imaging during the festival:

Photo Studio Pro: This simple to use, but powerful image processing app offers 130+ Filters & Effects

Pencil Camera: This app easily converts any image into a pencil sketch & allows multiple effects too.

Lens Boost: Yet another premium app that allows application of vintage/retro Filters, Frames, and Overlays.

There are some screen-enhancement apps too:

ZappClock: This is perhaps the most elegant solution to replace the boring on-screen clock that BlackBerry users see on their locked screen. With beautiful weather info icons, this application seems like a must have.

Popup – Display your Messages: A regular feature on Android, this application brings the convenience of on-screen notifications to Blackberry users. Though many are now used to the ubiquitous red asterisk denoting an update, this is a great addition.

Slide Lock: From Android to iPhone, this app adds the famous ‘Slide To Unlock’ of iPhone to your BlackBerry.

Beside the aforementioned prominent ones, RIM has also offered some games (Room Escape, Fruit Slash & Catapult), Some nifty tools (iTunes Sync, App Lock, SayIt) & for the first time ability to listen to radio. Well not the regular FM but via internet.

Blackberry is apparently trying to woo its core audience using all the means. Its market standing is being steadily threatened & OSes like Android is grabbing attention. Offering such high value apps for free, coming up with radical new updates to its core OS & of course slashing prices are all great ways to entice new buyers & hold on to the old ones. The promotion can be accessed by clicking on the special Diwali tile on the Appworld.


2 Responses to “BlackBerry Gets In the Festive Mood. Doles Out Premium Apps As Gifts”

  1. November 12, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    Whatever RIM tries and hopes to keep BlackBerry alive, is going in vain. It should learn from Nokia and should try to get on a more stable bandwagon to keep its business breathing. Otherwise all this promotion is a big *facepalm*

  2. Alap Naik Desai
    November 14, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    Dear Anurag,

    Thanks for the comment. Nokia too made many blunders:
    Sticking With s60 for much longer than its shelf life with no innovation
    Trying out multiple OS platforms before choosing to side with Windows. Though the MeeGo still has promise & Jolla has adopted it.

    However, its biggest failure was restricting features & crippling phones with poor processing power & low RAM. Besides, Nokia always seemed confused about its market share.. Was it meant for lower-end budget conscious customers (China Phones ate away that segment) or higher end (iPhone & Now Android has cornered that segment)

    Blackberry on the hand, still delivers what it promises, albeit at slightly higher prices.

    Let the BB OS X (10) come out & RIM is, for the first time, going all out with Full-Touch devices with nifty software enhancements. I personally admired the keypad & I am sure many will agree it packs the most fantastic experience while typing out a lengthy email.

    However, I agree with you on the point: BB is hitting walls with each step.. Confused, Dazed. No matter what it does.. it seems to hit a dead-end.

    If it does not do something radical to regain the respect.. It will end up as a legacy hardware manufacturer that once made great business oriented phones meant for the executive crowd.

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