Nokia India Signs Deal With FC Barcelona For Lumia Promotion

The Finland based mobile company’s Indian Arm, Nokia India, has signed a deal with FC Barcelona. Following the agreement, Nokia India will be a regional partner for the premier football club. Barcelona Football Club & Nokia will jointly hold the contest titled ‘Tiki Taka with Nokia Lumia’ to generate euphoria for the game & 11 lucky winners will be flown to Barcelona, Spain where they will get watch live matches & meet the team’s players too.

Nokia has endured some tough times lately. What was once a majority market share holder, had its crown taken away by, comparatively newer, players like Samsung & Apple. The company had been apparently too loyal to the in-house developed Symbian Mobile Operating System. Additionally, it even spent a small fortune on developing an experimental Linux based alternative for smartphones; MeeGo. But unfortunately, owing to the rapid adoption of Apple’s sleek iOS & Google’s Android, Nokia’s offering simply could not gain traction. Though MeeGo has found a new parent, Nokia’s investment did not reap adequate ROI.

Realizing its folly, Nokia has taken some right strategic decisions by aligning with Microsoft & its Windows Phone Operating System along with Intel for hardware. Born out the alliance was the Lumia series. With cutting edge hardware & impressive features, these mid to high end phones have managed to capture attention of many buyers. Realizing people’s ever increasing & demanding needs from a mobile phone, Nokia has even released its own Traffic assistance & navigation support for its phones.

However, smartphones are the next driver for content consumption & as evident by activities of some major players, it is vital to ensure you must have content that appeals to many. Hence Nokia’s decision to affiliate with Barcelona is a clear indicator that the company intends to bring quality content to football crazy nations which include India too. Many others are following this route for revenue generation too. Can our readers come up with some quick-fix steps to enhance Nokia brand & standing?

Image Courtesy | wmpoweruser

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