Pinterest Driving More Ecommerce Sales Than Facebook, Says Survey

The next move for all social networks seems to be to become platforms for e-commerce. Facebook is looking to get into that game since their mobile advertising bid looks a little shaky. Their launch of a gifting feature can give us a picture of the way it could potentially head in the future. Pinterest has seem some major traction around the world since last year. The fact that Pinterest could be the best thing ever for brands and retailers to sell their good online. The potential of Pinterest in the area of selling goods has been spoken about many times. This time in a study by BizRate Insights, it has been shown that Pinterest motivates more people to buy goods than Facebook.

The survey targeted some 7431 online shoppers and these are the results that the survey generated. Check the chart below.

The study says that even though both sites allow users to follow and keep up with the latest trends in fashion and style, people are using Pinterest more for doing that. 69% of the people who visit Pinterest want to buy something they pinned on the website. Contrast that to to the 40% who feel a similar inclination on Facebook. Additionally, Pinterest seems to be a place where people come to get inspired to buy something that suits their style in addition to making an online collection of the things that they like. Brand association is also the stronger on Pinterest (43%) as compared to Facebook (24%).

Pinterest attracts more of the creators who share brand content while Facebook attracts more participators in terms of brand campaigns.

Facebook, however trumps Pinterest in the reach that the social network seems to have. This can be witnessed in India where almost the whole of the Internet users are on Facebook while Pinterest still lags behind. Indian brands are still running campaigns on Pinterest to target those who use it (mostly women). The survey shows that 63% of those who were surveyed have a Facebook account while on 15% have a Pinterest one. The awareness is rising with the % of people who heard of Pinterest growing from 36% in March to 46% in August.

If Pinterest has this much potential, Indian brands should not be left behind. They should devise innovative Pinterest campaigns so that adoption rises and as a consequence, they sell more goods.

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Source | Mashable

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