Re-designed Again, Launched In Beta

Times Internet run has been redesigned again; again because Times Internet re-designed and re-launched in January 2012. The current website (and second re-design) is a beta version and boasts a clutter-free, neat look. Multiple articles spanning genres can be viewed on the front page itself which also offers viewers the option to click on different sections – news, sports, lifestyle – and fine tune the articles they see. The content on the website is of two kinds – self-generated and a collection of the best articles from across the Times Network.

The company says this redesigning is done so as to allow maximum readability and make it easier for viewers to view and access content that they prefer. Speaking on the redesign, Satyan Gajwani, CEO, Times Internet said, “The improved is designed to deliver more relevant entertaining and informative content via an enhanced user experience. With this, we are confident of engaging and growing our audiences more effectively, while generating good ROI for our advertising partners.”

Along with the re-design, the company has also introduced the ‘dynamic ad spot’ which is ‘aimed at avoiding blind spot tendencies and delivering higher CTRs’.

Times Internet has had a busy couple of months. Their energies have not just been focussed on re-designing but also on launching which is an online premium content delivery service that lets users watch premium TV content like shows, movies and short films. has been launched in India, US, UK and will be launched in other countries soon.

These attempts – re-designing of and launching of BoxTV – by Times Internet indicate that the company wants to keep their customers hooked and is engaged in doing whatever is necessary to retain and expand their customer base. While re-designs are good, one too many and too often will end up confusing the viewer and perhaps get him disinterested in the site. It would best if focused on the content moving forward since the look is taken care of.

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