Food Delivery Portal Has Acquired announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Both of these companies work in the food delivery business. started its food delivery services in 2011 and now faciltates food orders from around 400 restaurants in Mumbai and Pune. It employs the use of modern mobile technology to make the process of ordering food easy. was a similar service which used to run in Southern Mumbai. The acquisition gives Titbit a larger delivery network and additional services like catering orders. has expanded beyond the food delivery model. Their other verticals focus on equipping restaurants with their proprietary iPad based Digi-Menu which integrates with the restaurant’s backend systems and another iPad app which allows guests in hotels to use services like food orders, concierge service, booking tourist attractions etc. They also have self-service kiosks at quick serve restaurants.

Ameya Hete, Founder and CEO of spoke about the acquisition.

“Our vision with is to provide consumers with a single comprehensive platform for their food ordering needs. With the Food Ka Mood acquisition we’re further providing consumers with a bigger choice and much more streamlined ordering process. With this transition Food Ka Mood users will now benefit from our strong technical platform that enables Mobile Ordering off of their phones, a 24x 7 support framework and a very lucrative Customer Loyalty Program.”

Their future plans include penetrating through Tier 1 cities after which they will focus on the Tier 2 ones. with its reliance on technology to optimise the food delivery system does look like it will make a mark. However, there are similar startups like Bigbite and Foodpanda in Delhi and Mumbai who are looking at exploiting the food delivery network segment. Titbit seems to have an edge over them because of its other verticals.

How big will the food ordering segment get? Share your thoughts with us.

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