Affle’s Ripple To Monetize ESPNCricinfo’s Media Inventory. Gaining From Cricket’s Wide-Spread Appeal?

Affle will soon deploy its latest innovation in multi-display advertising platform; Ripple, for ESPNCricInfo. The website’s rich content has to be monetized & Ripple apparently offers the optimum mix of technology & processes to ensure that happens in the best possible way.

Ripple is Affle’s next generation rich media and video advertising network for all smart devices. This device agnostic smart network works well across all the majority of internet enabled electronics. With on-the-fly adaptability, the ad network easily beams correctly re-sized & even contextual advertisements depending on the device from which the content is being sourced. Mobile internet is receiving a lot of healthy attention. Hence the appeal of data consumption has seen an upswing. More people watch & consume content on their portable devices. Since cricket has a very high appeal in the minds & hearts of Indians, it’s no wonder ESPNCricInfo has a huge subscriber base. If the web-destination can correctly leverage its rich media with aptly designed & developed ad-network, it can generate a rich revenue stream.

Inserting advertisements is the main route to monetize content. Today, videos, songs, live streams & many other types of content are being regularly monetized for a steady stream of revenue. ESPNCricInfo has been striving hard to generate content for its user base & it now seems justified that it earns from its efforts. Additionally, the company has even contributed to some great causes for the benefit of general public too.

Speaking of cricket, the internet & related technologies has been its biggest alley. From selling tickets to connecting with fans, the synergy has helped the game enhance its appeal even more. Now such streaming services will further propel the game to its pinnacle of popularity. What do you think?

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