LimeRoad.Com – A Social Shopping Platform Crafted For Women Exclusively

Under the garb of a magazine, we now have an innovative and sleek web store –, India’s first social shopping platform crafted exclusively for women. This store has a very strong objective that drives the products it presents in the web store.

As Founder and CEO of Suchi Mukherjee puts the store is aimed at women who want to pamper themselves at affordable prices. The user experience on the website is designed to emulate a virtual lifestyle and fashion magazine, giving a feel of personal touch to the interaction between the shoppers and LimeRoad.

It has inculcated a scrapbook of sorts, wherein each user can organize, contemplate and mix-match various products and then share it with fellow shoppers/friends – thereby making a social platform on a virtual interface. We find such a plethora of categories like apparel, accessories, food, home décor, etc. that it astounds us to estimate the scale of preparation the team at LimeRoad may have put in composing the concept and acquiring the products.

The apparent objective as stated by president and Co-founder of LimeRoad – Manish Saksena, is to curate the products of various local, regional level retailers from the remotest pockets of the country, integrate the shopping experience of women who can now virtually shop in both Lucknow and Hyderabad simultaneously and therein, relegate competitive imbalance which such prominent local retailer have been failing to cope and sustain, thanks to the onset of retail chains all around the country.

While we have seen many e-commerce and B2C stores make forays into the Indian virtual market, and have seen a sizeable collection of them getting crushed by their better peers; can actually sustain itself among these big league players like Flipkart, Myntra, etc.  The venture is being compulsively backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Matrix partners India.

Have you checked it out yet? Let us know what you think.

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